Weight Loss Journal

The last time I weighted myself was on July 7th. My weight was 190.6 lbs.

Honestly I do not believe I lost any weight since then. I probably put some on, which is unacceptable. The problem (there is always an explanation, right?!) is that I’ve spent this week by myself and did not have my partner behind my back telling me to be careful with the amount of food I ate. And he will be gone for another week, which scares me.

But hopefully I will put my plan in motion effective tomorrow. This includes sticking to the points assigned to my by Weight Watchers (29 daily points) plus exercise.

Initial weight on July 7th 2008 – 190.6 lbs


Fitness: Getting Into Shape

Losing weight and becoming physically more fit should be one of my major short-term goals. I am overweight and absolutely out of shape – I can’t even bend! Pretty pathetic.

The only action I’ve taken so far was to join Weight Watchers, which has been very helpful. I see Weight Watchers as a lifestyle change, not a diet. It would work much better had I a better resolve in sticking to the plan.

But that’s going to change. Effective July 14th 2008 I will maintain my daily food ingestion within the points given to me by the Weight Watchers program. I know I will lose weight, as I’ve had already in the beginning.

The second step is to create a schedule to go to the gym. I need to keep a schedule and journal, so I can keep track of my progress.

I will keep both items on separate entries, so it is going to be easier to track each one separately.

Wish me luck! I just need to eat the two pints of ice cream and finish the pizza I have in the fridge!