Goals: A List

Most articles I read on the Internet say we all should have a list of goals (short-term, medium-term and long-term), break down the steps to accomplish each goal (the steps should be simple, so one will actually be able to complete it and not feel overwhelmed by it) and set a deadline for each one. This will allow you to keep track of your progress. Your goals should also be believable and measurable! The only problem I see with this approach (mainly the measurability of it) is when you have something you cannot measure, for instance the goal to accomplish a more spiritual life. In this case, I would include it as a “Life Style Change” kinda goal.

You should also reward yourself anytime a major goal is accomplished – this will keep you on track! Small rewards will do it, no matter what, but try to keep them proportional to your accomplishments!

So, here are some of my goals (I will come back to this list as I think of more goals). I will also try to break them down in small steps and add deadlines to each one of them. And, whenever I accomplish something, I will let you know how I rewarded myself!

Hopefully this list may be the jumping point for something much, much bigger – a more accomplished, fulfilled life!

( for this exercise to make sense, I will set its starting date as of today, July 13th 2008 )

Short-Term Goals – to happen within one year

  1. Find a better paying job
  2. Obtain more education
  3. Exercise more regularly
    • Create a weekly gym schedule
  4. Save money more consistently
    • Set up automatic transfers from my checking to my savings accounts
  5. Eat more healthy meals
    • Cook at home more often
    • Purchase more vegetables and fish
  6. Talk to my friends more often
  7. Watch less television
  8. Have more fun
    • Hobbies (Photography, Cooking, Wine, Travel, Books)
  9. Network
    • MeetUp – this will allow me to interact with people that have things in common with me.

Medium-Term Goals – to happen between 1 and 5 years

  1. Pay all my credit card debt
  2. Fix my teeth
  3. Start my own business
    • Determine what it will be
    • Make sure I have enough money saved for the business

Long-Term Goals – to happen between 5 and 10 years

  1. Buy a home (house/condo/co-op)

Life-Style Change Goals – for life

  1. Be a more active person
  2. Become more confident


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